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From knowledge on animals to animals knowledge / DIM 1Health Project


This project aims to open up the prevention and management of sanitary crises to other forms of knowledge. In Southeast Asia, and particularly in rural areas, livestock production remains a major activity, faced with many risks. Driven by the demographic pressure and sustained economic growth, the livestock sector has experienced an exponential demand in recent years, which raises many concerns related to the use of veterinary drugs (antibiotic resistance, environmental pollution, presence of residues in food products), but also related to the consequences of deforestation caused by the increase in livestock farming. Faced with these risks, the understanding and control of livestock practices has become a crucial issue in the region.Conducted within small-scale buffalo and pig farms -two species with high economic, social and religious values-, my ethnographies target the local knowledge in the study of the relations between farmers and animals, but also in their relations with the different health actors. The project aims at contributing to the establishment of animal surveillance campaigns that include local knowledge, at reconstructing local veterinary pharmacopoeias and at describing the knowledge possessed by animals that are capable of self-medication.. At the same time, it opens anthropological reflections on the agency of different knowledge regimes (profane/expert) and the power issues they encompass in the co-production of shared human-animal knowledge.


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